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Schlip schlop schloopa doopa doo wop wop

I know I'll be all right.


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Please do note that I've never gotten messages via LJ to work on this account. If you send me an LJ message at this name, I won't be able to access it. Please use a messenger instead.

I have a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in History from Purdue University. I've been on the job hunt since I graduated in May 2009 and still I've got nada. Until I get a job my journals will probably consist of three main themes: I need a job, I watch too much TV, and I'm trying to write a novel because I have nothing else to really do with my life seeing as how no one is hiring me.

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My fanfic is over at ffuoz. Sometimes I post fanart there too.

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I`m bound by a red ribbon with ~♥[Tieria Erde // Gundam 00]♥


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